A Safe State. Calling on all political parties to act to end sexual, domestic and family violence

The NSW Women’s Alliance brings together a range of organisations working within the sexual and domestic and family violence field, including ACON. In the lead up to the 2019 NSW election, we are calling on all NSW political parties, politicians and political candidates to make NSW A Safe State for people experiencing violence.

One in five women experience sexual violence, and one in four women experience violence by a current or former partner. Research also tells us that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people are as likely as women in the general population to have experienced domestic and family violence.

We must act to make sure that NSW is A Safe State for all. The NSW Women’s Alliance has developed forty-nine recommendations for policy and legal change to prevent and end sexual, domestic and family violence. These recommendations are focused on six key areas:

  1. Create cultural change to prevent violence and promote gender equality
  2. Provide immediate and ongoing support for people experiencing violence
  3. Ensure people experiencing violence have a safe home
  4. Ensure people experiencing violence can access justice safely
  5. Enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to lead change to end violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children
  6. Be accountable to specialist workers and the wider community

What does this mean for our LGBTIQ communities?

If embraced by our political parties; each of these recommendations will support members of our diverse LGBTIQ communities. The A Safe State recommendations also include 4 recommendations specific to LGBTIQ people:

  • Provide community education and bystander interventions for LGBTIQ people
  • Provide support to LGBTIQ people experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence
  • Make mainstream and domestic and family violence services safe for LGBTIQ people
  • Train specialist, mainstream, and government workers, legal practitioners, judicial officers and court staff to work in a culturally safe and disability aware way with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, CALD and LGBTIQ people and people with a disability

If our political parties act on the recommendations of A Safe State, this would be the most significant commitment to action and investment that the NSW Government has ever made to addressing the needs of LGBTIQ people experiencing violence.

Please join us in our call for action! You can read the full platform for A Safe State here. You can also check out our website to read more about A Safe State and how you can get involved.


If you are experiencing family and domestic violence and you need help, please see our Getting Help page.