Training available: Understanding LGBTIQ Relationships and Abuse

Would you like to have a greater understanding of the role that gender and sexuality plays in characterising domestic and family violence (DFV)? 

This two day in-person training is designed to help participants break down  preconceptions about gender, sexuality and LGBTIQ people and their experiences.

Through understanding the everyday lived experiences of LGBTIQ people, professionals can better relate to clients, meaningfully engage them and help their clients overcome  barriers to accessing services.

All training will integrate the latest research in DFV and sexual assault in LGBTIQ  relationships.

After taking this 2-Day training, you will be able to:

• Critically reflect on your knowledge of and attitudes toward LGBTIQ people
• Have a greater understanding of the prevalence and patterns of domestic violence for LGBTIQ people
• Identify practice needs and develop strategies to adapt ways of working to meaningfully engage LGBTIQ clients
• Recognise areas for improvement within the operations of their current workplace, including policies, promotion, resources, evaluation framework and intake procedure
• Feel confident in your ability to meet the specific and unique needs of LGBTIQ clients

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