New Research: Sorting It Out

In 2018 ACON commissioned researchers from the Western Sydney University to undertake research on gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GBTIQ) men’s attitudes and experiences of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. The research, titled Sorting It Out, is focused on GBTIQ men who have sex and relationships with men. Sorting It Out is the largest Australian study looking specifically at this topic, with 895 GBTIQ-identifying men participating in this research.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the research. It is thanks to you that our researchers have been able to understand more about the experiences, views and needs of men in our communities when it comes to relationships.

We are excited to announce the report on this research is now available for you to read here.

The report includes an executive summary, so you’ll be able to get across the key findings without needing to read the whole report. Do you prefer infographics? Check them out here.

This report highlighted some really important issues for our communities including:

  • Almost two thirds of men who took part in the study indicated that they had been in an unhealthy or abusive relationship in the past
  • Half of respondents agreed that sexual coercion and pressure are common amongst GBTIQ men
  • Younger men were more accepting of some controlling behaviours than older men
  • GBTIQ men want healthy and safe relationships for themselves, their friends and community, and are certain about the illegality and unacceptability of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Sorting It Out was our first step to better understand GBTIQ men’s experiences of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. To further our knowledge and better equip our services to meet the needs of GBTIQ men we invite you to share your thoughts below.

We consulted with GBTIQ men at a community consultation in Sydney on 11th of June 2019, and will be holding a consultation forum in Lismore on 11 September 2019 from 5:30pm. To find out more about this event and to register please see  here.


If you have experienced intimate partner or sexual violence and you need help, please see our Getting Help page or contact Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia on 1800 424 017. This telephone service is available 24/7.