Casting Call: Family Relationships Campaign

Show your Family Pride in a new community health campaign

ACON is creating a new campaign that showcases healthy LGBTQ+ family relationships, including both families of origin and chosen families. We want to highlight the importance of family in supporting LGBTQ+ people to feel safe, loved and celebrated. 

  • About the campaign

    The violence towards LGBTQ+ communities is often driven by cisgenderism, heterosexism and stereotypes of masculinity and femininity. Unfortunately, these negative biases often start within the family. This campaign challenges these harmful attitudes by featuring real examples of families that do not share these views. Instead, they have shown celebration, support and love. 

    Through this approach, we aim to provide a platform for families to express their own pride and support, as well as to challenge the attitudes that can lead to harm in our communities. This is known as primary prevention, and aims to stop violence before it starts.  

  • Overview

    Through a series of videos, this campaign is designed to capture healthy adult family relationships in the most authentic way possible. Each video will feature at least one LGBTQ+ person and 1-2 of their family members. 


    You will be asked to: 

    • Participate in a 2-hour virtual interview about your relationships and stories about how you show each other your pride and support. 
    • Share personal photos and videos of your family. You will be provided with a briefing pack, including a list of content that is needed. You can make use of your own archive footage or choose to shoot clips in your own time. 

     The final edits will be a mix of snippets from the interview, as well as your own content. Each person featured in any personal photos and videos must provide written consent for this content to be used  on social media. 

     The campaign will be promoted nationally on the Say It Out Loud website, Say It Out Loud and ACON Instagram and Facebook accounts. It will also be shared by partner organisations in other states and territories. 

  • Who we're looking for

    Members of both families of origin and chosen families, with at least one LGBTQ+ person. For each video, we are looking for a maximum of 3 people, and everyone must be 18 years of age or older. If you would like to share your stories and express love and appreciation for a parent, sibling, friend, or anyone you consider family, we would love to hear from you!  

    We strongly encourage the following people to apply: 

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People 
    • People who are culturally and linguistically diverse 
    • Trans and gender diverse people 
    • People living with disability 
    • People living in rural or remote areas  


    • Must be living anywhere in Australia 
    • All family members must be 18 years of age or older 
    • Must be comfortable having your stories and personal photos and videos nationally on social media 
    • Family members must be able to shoot video where they appear all together on camera 

How to apply:

Each family member must complete this form and submit by 29 February 2024.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to make a difference and show your support for a good cause! 
  • Each person featured in the campaign will be given a $750 honorarium. 

Key dates:

  • Applications close: (extended) 29 February 2024
  • Interviews: March 2024 
  • Submission of photos and videos:  March 2024
  • Video editing/production: April 2024 
  • Launch: April 2024 

If you have any questions, concerns or issues with submitting your application, please email Chelo from ACON at cbacarro@acon.org.au

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