VIC & NT Partnership Opportunity: Help Us Take Say It Out Loud National

ACON is a NSW based HIV and sexuality and gender diverse health organisation. We are seeking one domestic violence service in Victoria and the Northern Territory to join our national project, providing your organisation with the opportunity to improve the work that you do with LGBTQ* people who have or are experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence (SDFV).

ACON has been funded by the Department of Social Services to expand our Say It Out Loud website to be national, with state specific information and referrals and updated content and tools.

Through a partnership model, ACON will build the capacity of a mainstream SDFV services to be better equipped to work with LGBTQ clients. In return, this service will be recognised as an inclusive service for LGBTQ+ communities. You will also assist in the expansion of the website by regularly updating us on the state specific information needed for the site, by hosting or participating in communities of practice in your home-state and being one of our primary referral and information sources for LGBTQ people in your area. If your service is selected for the partnership ACON will:

  • Offer your service consultancy and capacity building support, either through ACON or through your local LGBTQ+ specialist organisation at no cost to you. This will include training for staff, assistance with policy and procedural development, guidance with intake and assessment processes and assistance to build referral pathways with LGBTQ services
  • Support you to develop or participate in LGBTQ SDFV communities of practice in your state
  • Keep you updated on the latest research, information and policy changes
  • Provide $3,000 funding to cover the cost to your service of collecting, developing and updating state specific web content

We ask that your service, with support from ACON:

  • Be willing to update your policies, procedures, forms and resources
  • Ensure that your staff are available to participate in training
  • Engage in regular meetings with ACON and other national partners
  • Establish or participate in LGBTQ SDFV communities of practice in your state
  • Build and maintain partnerships with LGBTQ services and community groups in your state or territory
  • Source and provide state specific content for the Say It Out Loud website

The successful state partner will be chosen via selection panel comprised on two ACON employees and two persons entirely external to ACON.

If you would like more information about this national partnership project, or if you have any questions related to this expression of interest, please contact Kai Noonan at

*lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer.

To apply to be the selected service in your state, please fill out this form below.

Applications close 29 May 2020