Our Stories

There hasn’t been much discussion in LGBTIQ communities about domestic and family violence in our relationships. Therefore, the voices and stories of our people who have experienced it have rarely been heard.

It is hoped that this collection of personal stories, written by LGBTIQ people who have lived through abuse and violence, goes some way to building a picture of what abuse in our relationships looks like. If you have experienced abuse or used abuse and you are reading these stories it is hoped that hearing other people’s stories help you feel a little less alone.

In many ways these stories highlight some of the common experiences of living with abuse. In other ways they highlight the unique experiences of each of the authors.

This collection isn’t meant to represent the full range of experiences of abuse in LGBTIQ relationships. As every case of domestic and family violence is different it’s impossible for any collection to do this. But these stories can contribute to our understanding of this issue.

If you would like to submit your story for others to read, click here. We would love to hear from everyone, including people who have used abuse and also friends/family who have helped someone through an abusive relationship. We would especially like to hear from TGD people as we currently have no stories from this community.

We want to send our biggest heartfelt thanks to all of the authors for bravely contributing their story.

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