I Want It That Gay (VIC)

  It’s 1998... you’re sitting in front of your TV on Saturday morning and you’re watching Video Hits. You see The Spice Girls pop up on screen, you LOVE The Spice Girls! But soon you’re wondering – do I want to be Sporty Spice or do I want to be with Sporty Spice? I Want it That Gay is a cabaret-comedy featuring popular music hits from the 1990’s and 2000’s - with a rainbow twist. The show sheds light on the challenges of growing up with starkly heteronormative music, popstars and paradigms. The performer’s personal stories are intertwined with satirical rewrites of their favourite pop songs played on keyboard. Think; discovering your sexuality, unraveling gender, entering the queer scene, break ups, bad haircuts and teaching your Nan about pronouns. Reminisce on your favourite hits from the past through a queer lens. At times hilarious, and at times heartbreaking, I Want it That Gay is an irreverent look at the way popular culture shapes what we see and therefore who we’re allowed to be. So crack open your CD cases and come along for the ride as we reclaim the music of our adolescence - the way it should have been!
From: 30 January, 7:00 pm
To: 03 February, 7:00 pm
Venue: Theatre Works
Address: Saint Leonards Avenue St Kilda, VIC 3182
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