Rainbow History Class (NSW)

TikTok sensation Rainbow History Class are leaving the internet behind for an IRL Classroom where homework is optional, detention is never, and chaos is always on the agenda. School is IN with Hannah McElhinney and Rudy Jean Rigg at the chalkboard!

After a stellar season at WorldPride Sydney, where they made Pedestrian TV ‘Seven Banger Events To Add To Your List at WorldPride’, the pair bring their debut live show to Sydney Fringe. In this fun and fascinating romp through queer history - from ancient civilizations to the internet, you’ll get the inside scoop on secret queer codes, gender-bending icons and incredible activists in this all-inclusive academy for LGBTQIA+ folk and allies alike.

An ever-growing 600K+ followers, a best-selling book and a TEDxSydney talk can verify that this is one after-school detention you don’t want to skip. See why the internet has been going wild for entertaining stories and historical fun facts about secret queer love letters, the reason Alice Springs became a lesbian hotspot, the time gay slang sent the US military on a wild goose chase and a real life gay and lesbian kingdom.

This is the live history lesson you absolutely didn’t get in school, where attendance is all it takes to pass with flying colours.

From: 27 September,
To: 01 October,
Venue: Factory Theatre
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