2 September 2022

LGBTQ+ Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Toolkit Launch

Our newest Say It Out Loud resource is the LGBTQ+ Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Toolkit.

We know that our communities unfortunately experience high rates of sexual violence, and that most of us don’t feel safe telling other people about these experiences. However, in our conversations and research, people tell us that the people they are most likely to talk to are friends, partners and family members.

When someone discloses sexual violence, or we’re worried something might have happened to a friend, it can be difficult to know how to respond. We wrote this toolkit to help.

This toolkit has been written specifically by and for people from sexuality and gender diverse communities (LGBTQ+ people). It talks about how we can all contribute to respectful, consent focused cultures, and challenge behaviours that can lead to sexual violence.

This toolkit provides support to people who:

  • know someone who has, or may have experienced sexual violence
  • are worried that someone they know is using coercive and/or sexually violent behaviours

Our hope is that this toolkit will help strengthen our communities’ skills in handling sexual violence disclosures, including how to respond, how to support a friend and where to seek support from services.

Want to learn more?

We’ll be having an official toolkit launch on 19 September 2022 from 5:30-6:30pm. This will be a virtual session that takes place on Zoom.

We’ll be joined by Karina Chalouhi, a specialist in community-centred approaches to preventing and addressing gendered and sexual violence. Karina will explore:

  • how to have conversations about consent
  • how we can navigate power in our relationships
  • what it means to build a community response to sexual violence
  • how to support someone if they disclose an experience of sexual violence
  • the unique challenges and opportunities present in making our communities a safer space to live, connect and play in.

Just register below to attend this launch- places are capped so register now! If you have any questions about the launch you can contact Jade (they/them), ACON’s community health promotion officer, sexual, domestic and family violence, at jparker@acon.org.au


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